Girls Behind the Rock Show co-sponsored a Takeover Tuesday event with °1824. Madi Florence took over GBTRS' socials for an entire day showcasing her work as a PR Rep. A split approach was applied to the graphics with a sans serif and serif font combination to show two companies coming together for a brief but informative session.
Girls Behind the Rock Show posts quite a few editorials, and for one of them, GBTRS was able to publish an interview with artist Lucy Calcines. The graphic was created with GBTRS' branding in mind with the playfulness of Lucy Calcines' music.
GBTRS had a table at Sad Summer festival and Sad Summer's graphics combined with GBTRS' colors was the approach to showcase the festival a little bit more than GBTRS. These were published onto GBTRS' socials.
These graphics were created for a mentorship program co-sponsored by Girls Behind the Rock Show and Trip 8 Management with Claire Rex as the mentor. A boxy and layered approach was used to create these socials.
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