My story is odd but more common than I thought: I assumed I would be going straight to med school after receiving my Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. I assumed wrong. And I've never been happier. As I've gleaned more wisdom over time, I've come to understand it's important to follow what you truly love and what you are truly good at combined, if you want to have a truly successful career. This is why I decided to combine my passion and hunger for anything creative with my inborn obligation to help others.

As a result, I pursued a certificate in graphic design at Shillington School of Graphic Design, and with it, a Digital Marketing Certificate with Simplilearn. With both, I knew I could strategize and develop campaigns and devise innovative concepts that would inform and inspire, calling people to action. I strongly believe that information (in copy and visuals) needs to be disseminated and released in ways that emphasize autonomy, veracity, and respect. So the psychology that governs my work is emotional but responsible.

My design work is especially based on concepts that resonate with people. I craft designs with feeling at their cores and I hope that they help shape the future we all share. I collaborate with clients to visualize possibility and impact, regardless of the industry, regardless of the work. I really believe the best designs are the ones that make you feel something.

Without these self-evident truths that shape my services, I would not have joined Girls Behind the Rock Show (GBTRS) or OneMontville, two organizations that promote inclusion within their respective industries. As a Senior Graphic Designer for GBTRS, I am proud to collaborate with fellow team members in creating monthly advertising projects such as social media assets for promoting Asian American and Pacific Islander Month. And as Vice President of Programming for OneMontville, I am honored to be able to plan a comprehensive program and outline a timeline for Montville's first ever PRIDE Celebration.

My journey continues, as I shape more experiences through word and design.
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